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At, we combine latest technologies with international media standards to best serve our readers. We nurture an environment in which every individual is respected, new ideas are encouraged and employees are empowered to fulfill their best potential.

We infuse hard work and fun through a culture of experimentation, teamwork, equality and humble confidence. Our team of young, modern, dynamic, honest and aspirational reporters aim to build a reputable and influential newspaper nationwide with view to parring with leading international newspapers.

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  • 17.8M
    monthly readers

  • 100+

  • 28
    average age

Now, is seeking ambitious journalists/editors to take us to the next level. The new team will further our efforts to create an even more dynamic and expansive coverage of Vietnam and the world.

We want to provide our readers with savvy look at the news that is driving the day, from historic summits like Trump - Kim Jong Un’s in Singapore to HCMC’s council debate on flooding or pavement clearance, from the stars of World Cup to controversies with new models like sharing-economies, from modern lives in cosmopolitan Saigon to remote, but culturally-rich life flow in Central Highlands. We want to bring clarity to our increasingly complex world.

Successful candidates should be well-versed in traditional verities of journalism, but have an eagerness to experiment with new ideas, methods, and platforms.

Interested? You should be bursting with ideas, have a good writing skills, an ability to elaborate complex ideas an a distinctive voice to create distinctive journalism for a growing audience.

Applicants should send resumes and cover letters. Applicants are encouraged to outline their ideas to make even better.

What do you need?
  • Passionate about journalism, eager to bring information to readers

  • Ability to work independently in a high-pressure environment

  • Multitasking: writing, photographing, video recording

  • Fluency in English or another language

  • University education, preferably study abroad

  • Assistant Managing Editor

    Thư ký tòa soạn

    Exceptional ability in developing original, sophisticated and well-crafted editorial content

    Proven experience in hiring, coaching and grooming personnel

    Outstanding abilities as a beat reporter

    Age below 35 is a plus

  • Editor/Desk Chief

    Trưởng ban

    Ability to detect and implement coverage of news story with unique angles or new way of story telling

    Deep knowledge and expertise in your field

    Strong network of experts/field contacts

    Work in HCMC preferred

  • Reporter

    Phóng viên

    Deep knowledge and expertise in your field

    Proven records of published work

    Work in HCMC preferred

    9X prefered

  • Multimedia

    Graphic / Video / Photography

    Logical thinking, good at infographic, video graphic, motion

    Highly skilled in using professional design softwares. Knowledgable in 3D tool is a bonus.

    Under 25 years of age

  • Fresher / Intern

    Thực tập viên

    Sophomore or senior students at Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Foreign Trade University, University of Social Sciences and Humanities or related majors

    Proven academic achievements

  • Local collaborator

    Cộng tác viên địa phương

    Knowledge of current local news and events

    Have a wide range of network with local authority

Apply Now

All applicants in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will be required to take the 100-questions quizz in 60 minutes, including IQ, logic, English and social knowledge.